Heiwa Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
Use Heiwa Kotsu for taxis in Sendai!
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Recruiting crew members! !
Entrance fee 100,000 yen
for six months200,000 yen per monthwith salary compensation for
Navi dial for dispatch

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      Please contact us after agreeing.
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      Please contact us.
    ■ Please call us to reserve your vehicle.
With the start of the invoice system on October 2023, 10,
We cannot reissue receipts.If you need it, please use it while riding.
Please obtain a receipt from the flight attendant.
When Navi Dial does not connect 
022-234-0161 / 022-234-0162 / 022-234-0163
Heiwa Kotsu email address   heiwa-taxi@hk-grp.or.jp