At HK Taxi nationwide, we would like to create a new future for taxis with the theme of "Spreading interesting things. Trying fun things."
As a first step, we would like to send an official character for each local company, and we would like to liven it up together with the community through various events in the future.
Please look forward to the future HK project (provisional)♪
Kirishio Urara
Kushiro Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Drawn by Gen Kita
Kiriseki Urara
Star star Rumi
Sougo Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Drawn by Gen Kita
Hoshikado Luca
Wrapping Taxi Appears!!
? ? ? ? ?
Asahikawa Godo Taxi Co., Ltd.
HK Taxi Service
Fixed price taxi!!

A flat rate taxi that can be used from the city to the airport at a reasonable flat rate.In addition, we have a wide variety of sightseeing fixed-price lineups.In addition, we will produce your trip according to your wishes.For details, please inquire on the HK Taxi HP of each district or by phone.
Taxi 10% discount!! HK65 Club 

"HK65 Kurakubu", a discount service limited to those aged 65 and over, is a great value card with no registration fee, no annual fee, and no expiration date.If you call us, we will mail you the application form.For easy online application, please use the QR code below.
Save 5%
HK Taxi Coupon!!

10,000 yen with purchase of 10,500 yen Discount coupons that come with a minute taxi ticket are sold in the car.Combined with a fixed-price taxi, it will be even more profitable. A 5000 yen coupon is also on sale.
New information and announcements
Recruitment of mascot names
We are soliciting names for the mascot characters of Kushiro Kotsu Co., Ltd. and Mutual Kotsu Co., Ltd.Kushiro is a red-crowned crane.Mutual is drawn with a squid motif.Please apply from the submission form with a name you are attached to.
Mascot of Kushiro Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Mutual Kotsu Co., Ltd. Mascot
Spread the fun.Try something fun.
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