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Hokkaido Transportation Cooperative Association is a taxi group based in Hokkaido (Sapporo City, Hakodate City, Kushiro City, Asahikawa City), Aomori Prefecture (Aomori City), Miyagi Prefecture (Sendai City), and Tokyo. We will continue to aim to be a company trusted by our customers.

HK65 Club
Taxi Coupon
This is a senior citizen discount system for taxi fares implemented by the HK Group. Customers over 65 years old are membersYou can receive the discount just by presenting your card.

Crew recruitment special site
Taxi Coupon
HK Group is recruiting taxi drivers. A special website introduces the atmosphere and working style of the taxi company.
(Produced by Hokkaido Information University)
Taxi Ticket
Taxi Ticket
HK Group offers taxi ticketsIssueDoing. With just one signature, you can pay for your ride in arrears.
Company Locations
We have 5 companies in Hokkaido, 2 companies in Tohoku, and 2 companies in Kanto.
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[Sales Office] Minami 30-jo Sales Office, Yurigahara Sales Office -Otaru Sales Office
New Announcements
HK Taxi official virtual character 
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■TaxiDispatch/reservationPlease call your local sales office for more information. 
Hokkaido Transportation Cooperative Association
Hokkaido Sapporo City Atsubetsu-ku Chuo 1-jo 1-1-25 Koun Bldg. 4F
TEL: 011-891-4111
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