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Hokkaido Transportation Group Latest Information

Information regarding the merger of Sapporo Kotsu Co., Ltd. and Kyodo Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Information regarding merger
Kyodo Kotsu Co., Ltd., which operates in the Sapporo and Otaru areas, will merge with Sapporo Kotsu Co., Ltd. on April 6, 4.
Through this merger, we will strengthen our system and do our best to provide better services and prioritize the safety and trust of our customers.We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

【New system】
Sapporo Transportation Co., Ltd. Head Office
1-1, Atsubetsu Chuo 1-jo, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo
Tel-011 891-7064

Sapporo Transportation Co., Ltd. Minami 30-jo Office
30-11-2 Minami 12-jo Nishi, Sapporo City
Tel-011 522-2000

Sapporo Transportation Co., Ltd. Otaru Office
10-10 Shintomicho, Otaru City
Tel-0134 29-4188

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