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About "Hokkaido Corona Notification System"
At Sapporo Kotsu, we have introduced the "Hokkaido Corona Notification System" in our commercial vehicles so that customers can ride with peace of mind.

The "Hokkaido Corona Notification System" is a Hokkaido initiative aimed at preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection at facilities and events that are used by an unspecified number of people.

If you register your e-mail address from the QR code displayed at the time of boarding, Hokkaido will notify you by e-mail if someone who uses the same vehicle on the same day is confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. is what you do.

In this system, although there is a high possibility that the person who was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus was using the same vehicle, we do not know how much contact there was, so even if a message arrives from Hokkaido, it will not be infected. Not necessarily.

First of all, please take good care of your physical condition, take your temperature, wash your hands, and wear a mask.


System usage flow


  1. Organizers and business operators will post QR codes at the entrances of facilities and event venues, on restaurant tables, etc.
  2. The user reads the QR code with a smartphone at the facility (venue) visited and registers the e-mail address.
  3. If an infected person is found among those who used the same facility on the same day, you will receive a message from Hokkaido.


For more information about this system, please check the Hokkaido website below.

Hokkaido corona notification system (Hokkaido homepage)

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