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Hokkaido Transportation Group Latest Information

[Sapporo/Otaru] Regarding the end of flat rate fares
Thank you for your continued patronage of Hokkaido Koun Group.
Due to various circumstances, we regret to inform you that the "Flat Rate Fares" offered by Kyodo Kotsu Co., Ltd. and Sapporo Kotsu Co., Ltd. in the Sapporo and Otaru areas will end as of the following dates.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers, and appreciate your understanding.

Ends as of March 6, Reiwa 3
・New Chitose Airport - Otaru Station area ・Otaru Chikko Port
・Kiroro Resort - Around Otaru Station ・Otaru Chikko

Ends on April 6, 4
・New Chitose Airport - Sapporo City/Kitahiroshima City
・Jozankei Onsen ~ Sapporo Station North Exit / Makomanai Station
・Shin-Sapporo Station - Sapporo, Kitahiroshima, Eniwa, Chitose, Iwamizawa, Ishikari, Tobetsu area
・Fukuzumi Station - Kitahiroshima/Eniwa/Chitose area
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