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Commemorative project for the HK65 Club's 10 members‼ A campaign to win a 5000 yen HK taxi coupon will be announced in the TV program.
A popular information program in Hokkaido. Tvh "Switchin!" "Minitsu". HK65 Club will be introduced in HTB "Ichimoni" and "Year-end Special Program Hitcom Night".
To commemorate the achievement of 65 members of the "HK10 Club" this time, we will present a "HK Taxi Coupon worth 5000 yen" that can be used in HK taxis to 10 people by lottery in the program below.
December 2021, 12. 16 people at "Switchin!" at 11:5.
December 2021, 12 people at "Ichimoni" at 23 am.
Please watch the program and apply!
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