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Local GGWAON & HK65 Club

10% discount on taxi fares at "Local G.GWAON" in Hokkaido!

Collaboration card of Aeon Hokkaido and HK taxi appears.
"Gotochi GG WAON" issued by Aeon Hokkaido has a senior citizen discount function for HK taxisIf you have a new card "Gotochi GG WAON & HK65 Club" card, when you take a taxi,Present your card for a 10% discount on taxi fares.
Furthermore, if you pay with WAON electronic moneyWAON points to taxi fare 200 yen1 point will be added.
Let's save money on shopping and transportation.

Procedures for enrollment

〇 If you already have a "Local GG WAON Card" issued by Aeon Hokkaido, you can update the HK65 club for free. 
〇Even if you have a “local WAON” issued by Aeon Hokkaido that does not have GG benefits, you can renew your HK65 club by registering for GG benefits (free). 
〇 If you do not have a "Local GG WAON Card" issued by Aeon Hokkaido, an issuance fee (300 yen) will be charged separately. *For inquiries about "Hokkaido's local G.GWAON card", please ask the Aeon Hokkaido sales floor staff.

"Local GG WAON" issued by Aeon Hokkaido (example)

"Local GG WAON & HK65 Club" handling / application form installation stores

As of 2022/10.
It is also available at HK taxi affiliated counters in Hokkaido. (*Other than Minami 30-jo, Yurigahara, and Otaru Office)
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