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Hokkaido Information University x HK Taxi Coverage

A collaboration project between Hokkaido Information University and HK Taxi has started!
Students who attend Hokkaido Information University will be able to work on the production of our company's recruitment website by making use of their young sensibilities.
Titled "Hokkaido Information University x HK Taxi Project" started.
November 2022, 11.Students visited the HK Taxi head office for the interview.
First, we toured the roll call room where crew members receive roll calls (sobriety tests, physical condition checks, and instructions on safe driving) when they arrive and leave work.
In the roll call room, they listened with great interest to the explanation of the sales payment machine, the meter machine and the payment terminal that the general public cannot touch.
education room.This is the first place new employees go.In order to become a first-class taxi driver, you will learn safe driving and customer service from the basics, and acquire various knowledge and skills so that you can work with peace of mind.We also offer online education here.All the students are eagerly interviewing about the training of crew members.
He also infiltrated the taxi office.Special equipment is lined up here as well, and I also checked the behind-the-scenes part that is usually not accessible to anyone other than those involved.
The radio room is the heart of HK Taxi.Receive phone orders from customers and automatically dispatch taxis that run throughout the city.
In order to dispatch thousands of vehicles per day, we have professional reception staff and the latest GPS.Students infiltrate a rare zone that even flight attendants do not usually enter.Ringtones and phone calls echo endlessly, and you can truly experience the forefront of taxis.
This is also a rare zone.It's a maintenance factory. Maintenance staff are working hard every day to support the safe running of nearly 400 taxi vehicles.When it comes to taxi vehicles, no one knows more than the staff here.
While it was very cold, I was observing the inside of the factory.
Today's main.Interviews with flight attendants have begun.
The first person to appear is a veteran flight attendant with 10 years of service.For this interview, I was asked to come early to work.
For students, it is a time to learn about the significance of working as a person who will be working in society at the same time as it is a taxi interview.
Next, an interview with a single mother crew was realized at the request of a student.
I was able to hear valuable opinions when creating a recruitment website.
At the end, we jumped outside and started interviewing about the site facilities.
Taking pictures of the car wash facility.A taxi that has finished work gradually appears from the car wash.It's a shoot that I'm going to take a picture of the real site.
Of course, it was an interview focused on safety.
Finally, I will shoot a taxi that is a work tool.
Students actually sat in the driver's seat and took pictures.
After over three hours of filming, what kind of website do the students have in mind?
I'm looking forward to it.
A new attempt to secure new human resources in the taxi industry has started with a young sensibility and perspective.

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