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Try something new HK

professional confidence and pride

Our Philosophy

Our company spreads all over the country centering on Hokkaido
Taxi business networkhkgroup.
Driving technology that is safer, more secure, and more comfortable.
World-class customer service and quality.
We would like to be a company that continues to take on the challenge of moving forward and to greater heights by working hard to nurture the young people who will be responsible for the new future of the industry.

Try something new HK ~Challenge new things~ 

                Hokkaido Transportation Cooperative Association
                  Chairman Masanobu Nakagawa

Comprehensive welfare program

Management crew system

Based on the training of future management candidates, learn both crew and management positions.It is also possible to acquire the qualification of an operation manager.And let's aim for future executive candidates.

Rent compensation system

I want to move out and become independent.We will compensate the rent.

Single mother support system

It is a job that allows me to balance work and childcare.

From recruitment to flight


Apply for an interview by phone or online.

Medical checkup

After the interview, if you receive a job offer notification, a medical examination will be conducted.

Acquisition of class 2 license

If there are no problems with the results of the medical examination, start class 2 license training at a designated driving school (obtained in about 2 weeks)

10 days of education

During the 10-day training period, you will learn about customer service, accidents, geography, law, services, etc., and will also receive practical training.

Start of flight

The training period is over and it is time to start working.A professional path will be opened in about a month in total.We will support your income during this period.
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