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Kushiro HK65 Club

HK Group member company
Sapporo Kyodo Kotsu Co., Ltd. Sapporo Transportation Co., Ltd. Hakodate Sougo Kotsu Co., Ltd. Asahikawa Asahikawa Godo Taxi Co., Ltd. Obihiro Hinomaru Kotsu Co., Ltd. Kushiro Kushiro Kotsu Co., Ltd. Otaru Kyodo Kotsu Co., Ltd. Otaru SalesPlace Muroran Sapporo Kotsu Co., Ltd. Honwanishi Office Aomori Aomori Taxi Co., Ltd. Sendai Heiwa Kotsu Co., Ltd.


HK65 club (HK65 discount) application start

The service, which allows you to receive a 10% discount when using a taxi "HK65 Club" will start.
With the HK65 Club Card, you can receive common discounts not only at Kushiro Kotsu, but also at all HK Group member companies in Hokkaido and Tohoku.
Not only for regular taxi use, but also when using a taxi while travelingA convenient and convenient card.
If you want a new senior citizen discount card, HK Group's HK65 Club Free Membership is recommended.
Please call us or ask one of our taxi drivers.

HK65 club (HK65 discount) web application

Application form download

Application form

(2020-11-26, 479KB)

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