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Otaru office recruitment information

We are a member of the HK Group, which is well-known for “Yakuni Tatsu Musen”.
Only the amount of hard work is reflected in the income!You can work long and stably in your desired shift and at your own pace.
Would you like to work with us in a lively and well-known workplace?

Congratulatory money for joining the company

Various systems

Management crew system (manager candidate)

Preferential system
Aim for a managerial position and go higher.
Your power will change the company.
It is a system that opens up a new future.

Explanation of various systems

Let's challenge us in a comfortable working environment!
We have 7 locations in Hokkaido, including Sapporo, and 3 locations outside of Hokkaido, and carry out daily operations to support the daily lives of many customers.
Compared to other companies in the same industry, there are more radios, operation managers who are trying to improve the passenger rate, and the support of the entire company, such as the sales development department aiming to increase the number of passengers, are in place as a foundation. One of the points.Since it is possible to work according to your income and living pace, it is an environment where young and female drivers can also play an active role.
We are looking forward to your application to develop into a company that satisfies more customers.

About working environment

We strive to provide our customers with peace of mind and safety.
At the morning assembly, the crew checks alcohol and licenses, and receives reports from the operation manager on the day's events and accident status.
After that, we leave after performing a daily inspection of the key and driver's card necessary for boarding and the vehicle.
You can work on your own career.
We are striving to create a system that emphasizes job satisfaction and ease of work for each employee.
After gaining experience as a driver, there are many experienced employees who have been transferred to the "Operation Management Section", which provides advice and support to improve the occupancy rate, and the "Sales Development Section", which aims to increase the number of passengers.They are active in their respective environments.
We support license acquisition and scholarship repayment assistance.
Even inexperienced people are welcome.We will raise the company and support your challenge.
The company bears the full cost of acquiring the two-class license required for the crew.There is also a scholarship repayment subsidy system.In order to pass on the aging problem of the taxi industry to the next generation, we are working to develop a workplace environment that is easy to work for new graduates and young people who will be in the future society.
All vehicles equipped with AT vehicles!Vehicle facilities are also provided.
Even those who are not used to riding MT cars and have only AT limited licenses are okay!All vehicles of Kyodo Kotsu Co., Ltd. and Sapporo Kotsu Co., Ltd. are equipped with AT vehicles.
In addition to car navigation, the car is fully equipped with in-vehicle equipment such as a drive recorder, GPS wireless dispatch system interlock, in-house camera, and a full security board.
We care about the safety and security of our passengers as well as our crew.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recruitment

Can you return the application documents?
Please tell me about the selection process.
Is it okay if I have no experience in the industry?
Is there a trial period?
Please tell me about the training after joining the company.
Will there be a transfer or move?
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