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HK65 Club

HK65 Club and Local G.GWAON & HK65 Club

We are looking for free members of the "HK65 Club" to receive a 10% discount when using a taxi.
The HK65 Club Card can receive common discounts at all HK Group member companies in Hokkaido and Tohoku.
This is a convenient card that can be used not only for regular taxis, but also for when you use a taxi while traveling.
A new card has appeared!
New card issued by Aeon Hokkaido in collaboration with “Local G.GWAON” and “HK65 Club”
"Local G.GWAON & HK65 Club" has appeared.
Get a multi-purpose card that allows you to get Waon points and taxi discounts at the same time.

For HK65 club applicants

Hokkaido Local G.GWAON & HK65 Club


Inquiries about HK65 Club
Call 011-892-6060

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