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Looking for radio operator (part time)

Looking for part-time radio operator

It's a simple job to take taxi orders from customers over the phone.
Inexperienced person, it is a simple job that even beginners can do!
You can work in each person's spare time!
Please contact us first.

Recruitment contents

Admission Information
radio operator
part time
Recruitment contents
Handling taxi orders by phone
Recruiting personnel
Just a few
Recruitment qualification
No question
5-5-49 Hoshigaura Odori, Kushiro City Kushiro Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Working hours
8:00 - 18:00
4 to 6 hours of actual work between the above
920 yen/hour
* There is a salary increase
Days off and leave
Holidays 7 days or more/month
Annual paid leave In accordance with the Labor Standards Act
In addition, childcare leave, nursing care leave, etc.
Please call for details.
Kushiro Kotsu Co., Ltd.
5-5-49 Hoshigaura Odori, Kushiro City
℡ 0154-51-1234
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