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HK65 Club Card Application Page

10% Discount on Taxi Fare Recruitment for "HK65 Club Card Free Membership"

HK Group Taxi is currently recruiting free members for the "HK10 Club Card" which gives you a 65% discount on taxi fares!
You can use the familiar "HK Group Taxi (Hokkaido Transportation Cooperative Association)" with the HK mark in your city.
Please print out the application form below and apply by mail or using the dedicated form.
*Otaru and Tokyo are excluded.

When applying

■ Please read the Privacy Policy and fill out the inquiry form only upon agreement.
■ Be sure to enter a valid phone number (home or mobile phone) in the phone number field.
■ It may take time for us to reply, so please contact us by phone if you are in a hurry.
■ Please check your settings (spam settings), etc. so that you can receive reply emails.
■ If you do not receive a reply from us, we apologize for the trouble and ask that you please contact us again.

Application form download

HK65 club simple application form

Spelling  ※Required
Name  ※Required
※Example: Taro Yamada
Address  ※Required
Postal Code 
select box  ※Required
Date of Birth  ※Required
Years Month Day 
Checkbox  ※Required
Phone  ※Required
E-mail address
A copy of proof that you are 65 years old or older  ※Required
License, insurance card, etc.
Questions about HK65 Club
Please be sure to read the "Privacy Policy" below, and after agreeing, proceed to the confirmation screen.

Nationwide HK Group Taxi Member Companies

Sapporo area:Sapporo Kotsu Co., Ltd. Head Office/Yurigahara Sales Office/Minami 30-jo Sales Office
Hakodate Area: Mutual Transportation Co., Ltd.
Asahikawa Area: Asahikawa Joint Motor Co., Ltd.
Kushiro area: Taiyo Jidosha Co., Ltd. Kushiro Transportation Office
Aomori area: Tokyo Taiyo Co., Ltd. Aomori Taxi Office/Aomori Taxi Towada Office
Sendai area: Heiwa Kotsu Co., Ltd.
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