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Some vehicles are wheelchair accessible!

Universal design (U-D vehicle)

Japan taxi
You can ride in a wheelchair.

 Conventional standard-sized taxis have been standardized for passengers to sit in their seats with the assistance of a driver or a family member, and then load the wheelchair into the trunk.
 The newly introduced "Japan Taxi" can be used while in a wheelchair.It takes some time to get on and off, but it is a taxi that can be used even if you cannot get out of your wheelchair.
 The price is the same as a regular car.There is no extra charge.
 The number is limited, so please feel free to contact us in advance by phone or using the inquiry form!

Reception desk for exclusive use of JAPAN taxi

  * Various discounts such as physical / intellectual / mental disability certificate presentation or "65%" will also be 10% off.
 For inquiries and orders by e-mail, click here
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