Heiwa Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
Use Heiwa Kotsu for taxis in Sendai!
Order Navi Dial
We are currently recruiting crew members! !
Men and women of all ages, please feel free to contact us!
100,000 yen preparation fee + for 6 months 200,000 yen monthly salary compensation
<Appeal points for working at Heiwa Kotsu>
  ① There are many customers who choose Heiwa Kotsu to ride.
  ②There are many wireless dispatches per vehicle, so you can work with peace of mind!
  ③ Geography is also safe with car navigation system
  ④ We have taken measures against infection and there are no infected people on board!
  ⑤Enhancement of services such as Heiwa Club, which is appreciated by local customers
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    ■ Please call us to reserve your vehicle.
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