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Sougo Kotsu care service

What is Nursing Taxi?

Designated as a visiting nursing care office by the country,Home helper qualification and Professional driver qualificationA "helper crew" withLong-term care insurance appliedWe will assist and transport the patient so that they can go to the hospital safely.The usage fee is based on the Long-term Care Insurance Act,Less cost than regular taxi.

A contract is required only for the first time to use a care taxi.
For further information, please read About the flow of care taxi contract.

care taxi

Need nursing care and supportWho.Handicapped person's notebook-Nursing notebookThose who have, the taxi that used to be 1% off20% discountA helper crew will assist you.

When ordering a taxi,care taxiPlease tell me over the phone.

*Thankfully, we have received a large number of orders.In the case of immediate orders, it may take some time to arrive.


A subsidy from the city (up to 891 yen) is applied to nursing care taxis, soMaximum based on normal taxi fare,MeterUp to 990 yen1 yen with 99% nursing care feeWe accept at.(Charge 990 yen - subsidy 891 yen = 99 yen)
⚠Please pay separately for the amount exceeding 990 yen as a fare.
Example) Taxi fare from home to hospitalis 1,040 yenToIf you use a nursing care taxi...
Nursing care fee99 yen+ excess fare50 yen=149 yenis the payment amount.
(In the case of 1% nursing care fee)
*Please call for information on nursing care taxi fares.
Or please contact us using the inquiry form below.
*The amount of long-term care insurance premiums is determined based on the standards stipulated in the Long-Term Care Insurance Act, so please ask your municipality or your care manager for details.

Inquiries about nursing care

contact care  ※Required

For inquiries about care taxis and care taxis only.For general taxi inquiries and reservations, please use another form.
Name  ※Required
Example: Taro Yamada
Phone  ※Required
E-mail address
Inquiry details

Recruitment of caregivers

Recruitment of staff for new business!Would you like to liven up your new business together?

・Those who want to work in the welfare field
・ Those who want to gain experience
・Those who want to make the most of their experience

If you do not have a helper qualification or a type 2 license, but are willing to work in the welfare industry, you are most welcome!Please feel free to inquire, even if it's just an inquiry.

Office number

Visiting care office  Office number 0171405202
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