Our Philosophy
Our company spreads all over the country centering on Hokkaido
Taxi business network hkgroup.
Driving technology that is safer, more secure, and more comfortable.
World-class customer service and quality.
We are also working hard to train young people who will lead the new future of the industry.Continue to challenge further, reach higher heightsI want to be a company
Try something new HK ~try new things~ 
  Hokkaido Transportation Cooperative Association
Chairman Masanobu Nakagawa
Try something newK
You too go on a professional path,
"Japan's taxi service" has now become the world's top brand.
HK Group will support your new challenges.
Our HK Group, which spreads all over Japan, mainly in Hokkaido,top professional driver
Work on upbringing and education.
A company where you can learn cutting-edge navigation systems and top-class hospitality techniques.
University graduate scholarship subsidy system.We will support your future, such as the manager candidate training system.
Come on, why don't you stand on a new stage?
I'm glad I got this job.
To be honest, I was disgusted with the cramped environment and human relationships that I felt when I went out into society.
Although I finally made up my mind to change jobs, I was worried that I might have the same worries in my next job and have a hard time, so I thought, "I might not be able to get a job that suits me."In the midst of this, a taxi driver who I happened to ride in advised me that “taxi work is unrelated to that kind of work,” so I took the plunge and took on the challenge.
Contrary to the "uncool job" that I imagined, I feel "this is it!"
We aim to be the number one professional driver.
Sapporo Kotsu Co., Ltd. Pro Taxi Driver Mr. H
We are happy to be appreciated by our customers.
I love interacting with people and I think this job is perfect for me.
Customers always say, "Good luck," "Thank you," and "I'll ride again."
I'm very happy, and I'm working while wondering if there's anything more I can do.
At first I was worried about driving a car, but after working there for a week, I realized that I really like driving.
I will continue to do my best to become a driver who is appreciated by many people.
Mutual Kotsu Co., Ltd. Pro Taxi Driver Mr. S
Zero troublesome relationships
In today's society, the number one reason for leaving people is due to personal entanglements.
An environment unrelated to such a troublesome spaceSo you can focus on your own work.
Zero overwork
Although I may help customers with their luggage and put their wheelchairs in the trunk, my main duties are driving and serving customers.
I don't work long hours, so I don't do work that seems to be excessive.
Zero overtime
No overtime will be enforced.
Without being chased by the daily schedule.You can work according to your own rhythm and lifestyle.
Don't sacrifice your time.
don't sacrifice privacy
I'm so busy with work that I can't even take a day off.Nothing like that.
It is a job that can be completed on a daily basis and allows you to focus on your own life rhythm.
More hobby time.
Have more leisure time.
Do what you want more.
Let's go to zero worries at work.
Social Contribution and Gratitude
As a public transportation system, we are indispensable to society.
There are many things we can do to help the elderly, people with disabilities, and many other customers.
It is a job where you can feel compassion, gratitude, and "thank you" every day.
driving is fun
Recently, people tend to shy away from jobs that mainly involve driving, but it's actually a fun job.
Run the course you thought up by yourself every day, know the road, know the city.
Why don't you expand your range of activities to the city itself and enjoy the rapidly changing scenery and information of the city?