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Tokyotaiyo Co., Ltd.
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Speedy, Safety, & Certainty
Thorough awareness that ensuring transportation safety is the most important
New Announcements
We are looking for people to create and challenge with us.
By fully backing up our staff, we are focusing on creating an environment where it is easy to work and improve skills.
Would you like to have a rewarding job in an environment where you can play an active part for a long time with peace of mind?We look forward to receiving your application.
Flow until recruitment
STEP.1 Completion of entry
Submit the application form.The entry will be completed.
STEP.2 Notice of interview schedule
We will send you an interview schedule by email.
*We will ask you about a convenient schedule in advance and make adjustments.
STEP.3 Interview·Medical checkup
Resume on the dayPlease bringPlease be prepared.
STEP.4 Job offer
We will notify you within one week of the interview date.
STEP.5 Joining procedure
At the time of joining the company, you will be required to submit each document.
STEP.6 Entering the company
It starts with a trial period (3 months).
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